Rock Hall Induction 2018

March 10, 2018

Crazy that it's been a year now since I joined SiriusXM Classic Vinyl as weekend DJ.
It flew by!
The first few weeks I trained under the legendary DJ Dusty Street. Not only is she smart, witty and cool, she's really sweet too. A one of a kind lady. Still can't believe I work with her!

Every time I walk into work, at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a big ole grin spreads across my face & my heart fills with joy. "I work here!" I scream inside. "I work here!" 

The building is stunning and it's filled with music. Not just any music. Rock & Roll!
I can't help but dance and sing as I make my way up to the Classic Vinyl studio on the 5th floor.

Once inside, I turn on the sound board and crank up the volume. I put on my headphones and rock out.
And that's my job! OMG. How did this happen? I'm just so darn thankful.

So now the next big exciting thing will be the 2018 Rock Induction Ceremony.
It's April 14th. 

Can't wait to be there when The Moody Blues, The Cars, Dire Straits and Bon Jovi are inducted.
Wondering who will perform on stage & what songs they'll crank out.
The performances are always amazing.

I'll take a ton of photos and can't wait to share the stories with you on Classic Vinyl.
Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, and for rocking with me every weekend.

Till next weekend, rock on!

Katherine Boyd Joins SiriusXM As Host

March 5, 2017

SiriusXM has named Katherine Boyd weekend host of its Classic Vinyl channel.
Her first day on air will be Saturday, March 11.
She'll broadcast live from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm.
Katherine is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster who brings a wealth of on-air and reporting experience.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be spinning records out of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame!" says Boyd.
"I grew up on Classic Rock and it was...
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So My 5x Great Grandfather Ticked-Off George Washington...

February 20, 2017

Being a journalist, I'm obsessed with learning the truth. First you hear the story, then you verify with facts. 

For months now I've been poring over thousands of old documents trying to verify my ancestry.
Thanks to I've now matched my DNA to the records I've uncovered. And today... I met my 5x Great Grandparents for the first time!

Proud to learn I'm the progeny of a Patriot. In fact, quite a few Revolutionary soldiers! And their hardy pioneer wives earn a shout-out...

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Celebrating A Friend's Dream Come True!

January 11, 2017

I met Karen Siat eons ago when we were competing in the Mrs Ohio America Pageant.
We became immediate friends.
She just had a spark and drive that drew me to her.
And I vividly recall how she told me that weekend that her dream was to one day be a celebrity makeup artist and own her own makeup studio.
Well, this weekend, that dream comes true.
After years of working as a make-up artist for stars, world-renown photographers, magazines, and advertisers, Karen is opening her own makeup studio.
It's ca...
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Guest Tweeter Of The Week On @InTheCle

November 21, 2016

Honored to be asked to be "Tweeter Of The Week" for Cleveland's #1 Twitter site @InTheCle.
This is my encore performance... following my first guest gig in January 2015.
The @InTheCle Twitter account is a citizen voice social media channel that lets Clevelanders share and promote their love for Cleveland via Twitter.
Each week it features a new Clevelander to tweet.
@InTheCle was named Cleveland Magazine's 2016 Reader's Choice Best Twitter Account. 
I'll have a ton to share ranging from my love of...
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Katherine Boyd To Host Hullaballoo 5 Fashion Show

November 6, 2016

Project Runway alum and Cleveland-based designer Valerie Mayen will present her latest collection at Hullabaloo 5 on Friday, November 5, at The Nash in Cleveland.
This year's collection is titled "Heritage" because Valerie sourced her materials from reclaimed clothing she found in 5 rustbelt cities. She then transformed them into entirely new, fresh, yet timeless pieces.
Hosting this year's show will be Cleveland celeb Katherine Boyd.
Also, local men's wear boutique Trunk, located in Gordon Squa...
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Featured In Cleveland Magazine

August 19, 2016

Katherine Boyd featured in Cleveland Magazine.
Read the story here.

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Katherine Boyd Named Morning Edition Host

March 26, 2016

On Monday, March 28, 2016, Katherine Boyd will step behind the mic as host of NPR's Morning Edition on 90.3 WCPN.

Katherine is a veteran journalist who has spent more than 20 years covering news and sharing stories on radio, TV, print and on the web.

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime," says Boyd. "National Public Radio is one of the last bastions of true journalism. You have the opportunity to develop stories, go in depth, and be a true story-teller. I'm over the moon."

You can li...

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Video: Katherine & Eric For

December 24, 2015

What a Christmas gift! Our TV ad started airing nationally on Dec. 23. 
We had no idea until a friend who lives in Seattle messaged me that she saw us on TV.
Then another friend who lives in Florida said he saw it too.
I quickly googled "new TV ad" and there it was!
Holy smokes.
So, yes, I can finally share our story with you here.
Click here to see the spot. 
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Our Commercial Air Date

December 19, 2015

Just got the good news: Our commercial will make air!
Out of the five sets of TV ads they shot in LA in late October, our little spot made the cut.
The new spots will start airing December 29.
And, yes, we've seen the commercials. sent us a link with two spots, one is 30-seconds and the other is 15-seconds.
We were allowed to view them for an hour... then the link expired.
So, look for us on a TV near you in 2016.
Maybe we'll even make an appearance during the Super...
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