Last year, these beautiful photos kept popping up on my social media.
Families, couples, even solo shots of friends, standing in this breath-taking field of bright, sunny, happy sunflowers.
"Where is that?" I wondered.
After a bit of research I came across the answer.
It was part of a remembrance for a little girl.
A little girl named Maria who died of cancer.
Maria was just 7-years-old when a brain tumor robbed her of the long life every child deserves. 
But out of her passing, hope bloomed, in the form of this sunny garden.
Maria's family and friends started a foundation to raise money to battle childhood brain cancers.
Her parents choose to plant this field of sunflowers in Avon, Ohio, along I-90 because sunflowers sleep at night, and then open in the day, facing the sun.
Each flower in the mile-long field represents a child battling brain cancer.
And this field draws attention to the organization started by Maria's family that collects funds to help other children fight cancer.
They call their organization Prayers from Maria.  
They're always looking for volunteers and donations.
And free publicity--like snapping a photo of the sunflower field and then posting it on your social media.
A heavy rainstorm crumpled the sunflower field last year before my family had a chance to make it out there.
This year, a rainy June threatened the crop again. But volunteers replanted the seeds, and now, in September, they're starting to blossom.
It's a little late in the growing season, but it's also symbolic, because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
It was muddy when we trekked out into the field this sunny Sunday afternoon.
My kids and husband complained endlessly about having to trudge in the muck.
But I held fast and demanded we take a family photo in the field.
And now I have this lovely photo of what I treasure most--my family. 
And I can spread the word about Prayers for Maria and the hope it gives to other families who love their little ones just as much, and want to do everything they can to make sure they live to see another sunny beautiful day.
So, please, consider taking an hour or so and head out to Avon and this bright yellow field of sunflowers.
Snap a pic, post it on social media, and spread the word about Prayers from Maria.
And even better, make a donation.
What a beautiful way to help fight an ugly disease.
And pay tribute to a little girl lost named Maria.