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Be Still

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Saturday, June 28, 2014, In : Community Garden 

This morning I woke at first light. 
Couldn't wait to get out to the garden.

To me, mornings are the best time to garden.

There is a stillness, a quietness, that only morning owns.

As I walked out to the community garden, the dew clung to my flip-flopped feet,
making it slippery.

It was so early the garden gate was still chained shut, so I sat still and just took in the minutes.

Soon I noticed the hushed buzz of a honey bee on a white lily.

I watched, childlike, as it dilligently worked from one bloo...
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First Tomato Of 2014!

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Thursday, June 26, 2014, In : Community Garden 

The day has finally come. My first vine ripened tomato of 2014 has arrived!

I walked out to the garden this morning to check on how all this rain is treating my plot, and sitting right there, waiting to greet me, was this big fat red beauty.

Honestly, it happened overnight.
When I checked my plot Monday this guy was only orange and still hanging on the vine.

But 12 hours later he was ripe red and sitting on the ground.

I picked him up, snipped a bit of basil, and headed back to the house.
Went over...

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Simple Pleasures

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, In : Community Garden 

One of my favorite parts of being a member of the Rocky River Community Garden is the communal herb garden.

Volunteers plant the herb garden in early spring, and all the gardeners are welcome to take a sprig or two as needed through-out the growing season.

Today, my daughter and I grabbed a sprig of mint and a small stem of chamomile. 

We brought them home, washed the leaves, flower and stem and then poured a bit of boiling water over them.

Immediately the house filled with a sweet comforting sme...

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