"Hey, it's Katherine Boyd broadcasting from my daughter's closet." 
Yes, it's true. No, it's not a gimmick. Really am broadcasting from my daughter's tiny bedroom closet.
In March, SiriusXM sent all its on air hosts laptops and mics so they could broadcast from home during the COVID19 pandemic. We each then had to create a "studio" space in our homes or apartments. It had to be a space that's quiet and insulated to limit echoes.
Some fellow SiriusXM hosts, like Howard Stern, built studios in their basements. Others had a spare bedroom or home office space to use for their studio.
And then there are those of us who had to get creative and carve out a studio space anywhere we could.
For me, that was my daughter's bedroom closet.
Just measured it and the closet is 36"x40", so roughly 3-feet deep and 3-feet wide. 
Barely enough room to squeeze-in an antique sewing table, swivel stool, and the recording equipment.
To muffle the outside sounds, and prevent echos inside, I used a staple gun to hang two layers of blankets over the door opening. 
The closet has no electrical outlet so my husband let me borrow a power strip with an extension cord reaching to the nearest outlet. Not pretty, but it works.
Next, I had to decorate the closet a bit, to make it feel cozy & get me in a creative mindset, so I dragged in a tiny Leg Lamp, tacked-up a couple rock posters and hung some Yayoi Kusama tea towels I scored at a local thrift shop before the pandemic. To finish it off I installed a tiny shelf to hold a few inspirational books and my Emmy statues. 
We all deal with this new norm in different ways. Dressing-up for work has always been part of my creative process.
And it continues here in my closet. This weekend I slipped on a brightly colored Lilly Pulitzer dress, sparkle heels, and did my hair and make-up. Even tho' it's radio, even tho' it's in my daughter's closet, even tho' no one can see, it's still important to me. 
Funny how the mind works. What each of us value and treasure and need to make this crazy time and unprecedented situation work. Even though nothing is normal, we all do what we can to adjust and make it seem normal.
The last few months sheltering at home have given me great time to reflect and think. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. For rockin' with me each weekend on SiriusXM Classic Vinyl. For all the wonderful messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via email.
You rock, my friend. Our time together brings me such joy and my life meaning.
Stay safe, stay healthy and rock on!