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Video: Katherine & Eric For Ancestry.com

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Thursday, December 24, 2015, In : Our Ancestry.com TV ad 

What a Christmas gift! Our Ancestry.com TV ad started airing nationally on Dec. 23. 
We had no idea until a friend who lives in Seattle messaged me that she saw us on TV.
Then another friend who lives in Florida said he saw it too.
I quickly googled "new ancestry.com TV ad" and there it was!
Holy smokes.
So, yes, I can finally share our Ancestry.com story with you here.
Click here to see the spot. 
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Our Ancestry.com Commercial Air Date

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Saturday, December 19, 2015, In : Our Ancestry.com TV ad 

Just got the good news: Our Ancestry.com commercial will make air!
Out of the five sets of TV ads they shot in LA in late October, our little spot made the cut.
The new spots will start airing December 29.
And, yes, we've seen the commercials.
Ancestry.com sent us a link with two spots, one is 30-seconds and the other is 15-seconds.
We were allowed to view them for an hour... then the link expired.
So, look for us on a TV near you in 2016.
Maybe we'll even make an appearance during the Super...
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Our Ancestry.com Commercial Shoot In Hollywood

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Saturday, November 7, 2015, In : Our Ancestry.com TV ad 

Once we learned we were picked to be in the 2016 commercials for Ancestry.com everything happened quickly.

The production company contacted us on a Thursday to arrange the flight from Cleveland to LA.

We were then contacted by the director’s team to Skype with him so we could “meet” each other before the shoot.

We arranged the interview for Friday. We were asked what time was good for us… and then the director told us he’d try and give us a ring around that time. He said he’d g...

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How We Ended Up Staring In An Ancestry.com Commercial

Posted by Katherine Boyd on Monday, November 2, 2015, In : Our Ancestry.com TV ad 

As a journalist, for the last 25 years I’ve made a living telling other people’s stories on TV, radio or in print. Now, for the first time ever, I’m telling my story.
Well, really, “our” story. 

As I type, we’re flying back to Cleveland after shooting a commercial for Ancestry.com.
Still can’t believe it was real.
Now dying to know how our commercial will turn out, and if it will ever make it to the small screen. They shot commercials featuring seven real stories:

  • A descendent of Geo...

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