There's just something about that little robin's egg blue box. It makes a girl's heart warm just a bit more.

Tiffany and Co. has been a family favorite for years. Each birthday or Christmas my mother would order me something from the Tiffany catalog. It would always arrive in that famous blue box tied with soft white silky ribbon. And just looking at the packaging was almost as exquisite as opening the box to find out what treasure lay inside.

I've been to the Tiffany & Co. stores in Chicago, New York City and Detroit. But now there's a Tiffany right here in greater Cleveland! It opened this week in the Eaton Collection in Woodmere.

It's gorgeous. All silver and white and Tiffany blue. I've been lusting after a pair of sunglasses in the Tiffany catalogue and immediately snapped them up once I tried them on in store.

Even brought my 5-year-old daughter back the next day so I can pass on the family love affair with Tiffany and Co. to the next generation. Tiffany and Co. is our beautiful family tradition after all.