Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2020. It's just such a fun thing to say, "2020!"
I adore New Years because it's a great time for reflection. And for goal setting. 
Yes, I try to be ever present and mindful of living in the moment. But I also treasure the knowledge I've gained in the past, and revel in the hope that comes when thinking about the future.

At this time of year I make time to sit and think. "What was good this past year?"
1. My son graduated. 2. I finally got in shape again and lost 15 pounds. 3. I ran my first 5k.

And I take time to remember what was not so good, but important none the less.
1. Losing a friend in the prime of her life. 2. Losing a neighbor who was always there. 3. Watching a loved one live with addiction.

Then I set goals for the new year. What can I do to improve my life, my family's life, our world? 
1. Spend more time enriching my spiritual side. 2. Take more walks with family. 3. Get outside more and enjoy nature like I did when I was a kid.

Finally, I take stock of what I'm thankful for: My family, good health, still being alive! And I'm thankful for you.
Thank you for rocking with me each weekend on SiriusXM Classic Vinyl. 
It's been a true pleasure playing the music I love, inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for listeners who enjoy it as much as I do. And when you stopped by our studio in the Rock Hall and say "Hi!", well that's just gravy. Thank you!
My best to you in 2020. May it be a year filled with love, laughter, great health & rock 'n roll.
Welcome to the new Roaring '20s! Rock on!