This is where the new temporary casino is being created in downtown Cleveland.  I say temporary because it's basically the place holder until the real casino is built years down the road.  If you look at this photo, the casino will be housed on the first two floors of the building to the right, with the wedged corner.  

That is the Higbee Building, the once grande home of the famed Cleveland Higbee's Department Store. You can see on this gray rainy morning, it has a true old world elegance.  I took this photo because this section of Ontario Street reminds me of Paris. 

I'm also horrified by the idea casino developers want to build an above street walkway between the Higbee Building and a parking garage proposed to be built where the building on the far, far right currently sits.  If it's built as proposed, it will truly mar the bone structure of one of Cleveland's most stunning street scapes.

I'll get off my soapbox now. But sometimes seeing things in the rain makes them more beautiful than they are.  Isn't that why every good film director knows to shoot the most poignant scenes in the rain?