The key to optimum marshmallow toasting is finding the perfect stick.  It has to be just long enough with a point at the end.  And it has to be a bit green so it doesn't burn.  

Next you have to make sure you wiggle that marshmallow on just right, so it doesn't fall off into the fire.  And lastly, you have to know how you like your marshmallow toasted.  

I'm from the "Catch it on fire and burn the top layer so that you can slough it off and enjoy the gooey core underneath" crowd.  But I know there are also those who like it browned just a tad, or slightly toasted evenly all around.

No matter what your marshmallow toasting preference, it's evenings like this that were made for hunting for that perfect stick, grabbing a bag of marshmallows and gathering around the campfire with the family.