Want to have a little fun this weekend? We’re going to play Kat Boyd Bingo --Pandemic Edition. You could win a Kat Boyd Rocks Guitar Pick! Here’s how to play:
1. Go to my FB page, @KatBoydRocks, download the Bingo Card.
2. Listen to my shows this weekend on SiriusXM Classic Vinyl for your matches. 

3. During the shows I’ll read a pandemic event on the Bingo Card & then play an artist.
4. Write that artist in the square with the matching pandemic event. 
5. Once you get 3 in a row you get BINGO! 
6. Post a pic of your Bingo Card on my Facebook page and you'll be entered in a drawing to win the guitar pick. 
Now, this isn't an official SiriusXM contest, it's just me having some fun with you. Your odds of winning depends on the number of entries. I'll mail the winner the pick next week.
Thanks for playing & rock on!