Been broadcasting from my daughter's closet for about four months now due to the COVID19 pandemic. All SiriusXM DJs are currently working from home. Yes, I miss broadcasting from our regular studio in the heart of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But I do love the 10 step "commute" to work now, and the freedom to wear anything. And I mean ANYTHING.
So, this weekend I channeled Hugh Hefner and went to work in cheetah print silk pajamas. 
Hey, we all have our ways of getting through this crazy time! I just happen to choose to do it in my jammies. Worked out pretty well for Hugh, right?
Now, I'm not a total frump. Actually put on make-up and did my hair for the first time in months.
Almost forgot how to do it! It was weird.
And then, just for this weekend, I changed the name of the show to "Kat's Kloset Klassic Vinyl" and played a cougar roar every time I said it on air. 
So silly! But so fun.
Thanks for rockin' with me each weekend. And for embracing my dorkiness. You are the best listeners anywhere!
We will get through this ridiculous time together. Hopefully in cheetah-print silk PJs.