"Mom, I want a mouse."
"What? Why?" I ask my 12 year old.
"'Cause they're cute. And I can train it. And keep it in my room."
If my eyes rolled any harder they'd look like a slot machine.
"Well, you have to use your own money."
"O.K. I worked out a budget and the cage, bedding, water bottle, food and mouse will cost $58," she fires back with bright eyes and a huge grin.
"What can I do for $20?" tumbles out next. Which immediately leads to a second hard eye roll. My head's starting to hurt.
My mind races. I have seconds, just seconds, to come back with a reply. Something I really want. 
My brain clicks through a list:
She's a good artist.
She loves to draw and paint.
She's really focused on drawing characters right now.
"You could make a logo for my show!" I blurt, spinning to grab her shoulders and look her excitedly in the eyes.
"Like what?"
"Um...", (more quick thinking), "I know! Here, let's look at some pics on my phone and see if we can find one that'll work for inspiration."
We scroll thru a bunch of selfies taken in studio before the pandemic forced me to broadcast from home.
"This will work!" she points. "Send it to me."
She runs upstairs.
10 minutes later she returns, pencil sketch in hand. "How 'bout this?"
"That's great!" I chuckle. "Can you make the headphones bigger. And my waist smaller?" 
She grabs an eraser, frantically dragging it back and forth across the paper. Brushes-off the remnants. Then uses a pencil to make the requested adjustments.
"Perfect!" I beam. 
"What colors do you want?" she asks. 
So many damn questions. Creating a logo is hard.
"How about just black and white? Oh, and make my lips red--for a pop of color."
"O.K." she replies, scurrying back upstairs again.
Another 10 minutes and then she's back down stairs, painting in hand.
It's awesome.
"Adore it!" I cheer. "Can you add my name underneath? Kat Boyd Rocks?"
She whips out a paintbrush, grabs a bit of red paint, and effortlessly scribbles Katboyd under the logo.
"What about Rocks?" I nudge.
"Oh yeah!" She grabs a black marker and adds 'ROCKS.'

"Want a digital copy for the internet?"
OMG. Will this ever end? Hard eye roll #3. "Yes."
That'll cost $2 extra.
"Will we be done then?"
"If you're happy with it."
She runs upstairs. Then back downstairs 10 minutes later. Clutched in hand, she has her tablet with the finished digital logo on it.
"Should I send it to you?"
"Great. Now where's my $22?"
And that's how I ended up with a new show logo.
Rock on!