Checked on my community garden plot today for the first time in a week.  It's just so sad.

This was a disastrous summer for our community garden.  It rained so much and so often that many of the plots on the north-side were submerged under water.  

Luckily my plot is on the south-side and didn't flood.  But it was still a struggle to grow vegetables this year.  

I harvested only one zucchini, two bell peppers and three cucumbers all season. The tomatoes did O.K. and the basil, chives and marigolds thrived.  

But I had to pull the squash plant because it just died.  And while my pumpkin plant is still hanging in there, it only sprouted two pumpkins, one of which is still green.

We officially close the garden in two weeks, so it pretty much is the end of the season today.  The Summer of 2011 goes down as the worst summer ever in all my years of gardening.