Next time you visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland stop by to see our new SiriusXM Classic Vinyl studio!
In May we moved from the 5th floor of the Rock Hall down to the main exhibit floor. 
I love meeting listeners! This is listener Jon from Indianapolis. He messaged me before traveling to the Rock Hall and we arranged a time to meet.

Please stop by any weekends between 12-4pmET. I am actually broadcasting on air, so I may only be able to manage a quick wave, but if possible, I'll pop out of the studio and say "Hi!"
Best chance of that happening is between 1:30-3:30pm because my show's up and running and I have more "free" time.

And thank you so much for rockin' with me on SiriusXM Classic Vinyl, channel 26, each weekend from 12-6pm ET/9am-3pmPT.
Rock on!