Yes, I missed an entire week of blogging.  Sorry!  I have truly been overwhelmed with work, writing, gardening and the kiddos heading back to school.  Mea culpa.

Anyhoo,  over the weekend, as I stared loathingly at the growing mound of nearly rotting tomatoes that had taken over my kitchen counter, I snapped.  

I feverishly grabbed my chef's knife, giant soup pot, and largest cutting board and went bonkers.  I sliced and sliced and sliced until every single one of those darn tomatoes was reduced to pulpy cubes.  

I then dumped them all into the pot, put the stove on simmer, and watched gleefully as those rapscallion fruits blended away into nothing but sweet marinara.  
For color, I tossed in some freshly picked basil.  For kick, I added a handful of Thai chili peppers.  And for the coup d' Etet  I added a whole onion.  Because I love onion.

When it was all over,  the tomatoes were all gone.  I had reduced them to sauce.  And then I ate them. 

Vini. Vidi. I ate.