Spent part of Sunday writing a story about these big fellas, Tilly and Madigan.  Both are Great Danes who were adopted from a rescue shelter.

I love writing my stories for cleveland.com.  I get out in the community and meet people who inspire simply through their passions. 

The man in the orange jacket is Doug Hull.  He adopted Tilly and Madigan from the shelter, and it's now his passion to spread the word about it.  

He volunteers one Saturday a month at a local pet shop.  He stands outside with his two Danes and tells his story to anyone who will listen.

It's people like Doug who remind me life is so much better when you live it with passion and a mission. And on Sunday it really dawned on me that I have to do what I love. 

I find true happiness in writing and reporting.  And maybe that's what I should concentrate on from now on. May not bring in the big bucks, but it will bring great joy and soulful satisfaction.