During the Coronavirus pandemic I'll be broadcasting from home. My new studio is in my daughter's closet.
Small, but cozy! 
Now I need your help. Each weekend I want to dedicate my shows to those who are on the front lines of this fight. You can help me give them a shout-out.
Each Wednesday on my Facebook page I will post who I plan to dedicate my shows to that weekend.
Starting the weekend of March 28 & 29 with all the hard-working TRUCKERS.
If you know a trucker, or are one, please share his/her/your name & city. Want to give them/you a shout-out on the show. Also if you have a quick story to share, or info you truckers want me to share on air, please share it on my Facebook page. I will read some of your comments during my shows.
Each weekend going forward I'll dedicate the shows to another set of heroes:
Medical professionals one weekend, emergency personnel the next, teachers after that, etc.
Each Wednesday I'll ask for the next dedication on my Facebook page.
We need to support each other. So please help me do just that. Rock on!