Yes, it’s true. I’ve decided not to renew my contract at Q104.

The reason is simple. I miss journalism and want to return to my reporting roots.

Before joining Q104 as morning show co-host, I spent 20 years reporting on news in Cleveland and around the country.

While I love writing and presenting the news on Q104, I miss being out on the scene witnessing what’s really going on with my own eyes and ears and senses.

A few times really hit me hard over the past couple years when I've been "stuck in studio":

When news broke that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were found alive I was overjoyed. And then sad because I wasn’t out there covering the story.

The three were held captive by Ariel Castro for a decade inside his Cleveland home.

I’d interviewed Gina’s parents over the years while they searched for their daughter. They never gave up hope. While working as a reporter I was lucky enough to join them at candle light vigils. Walk the streets with them tracing the path where Gina was last seen. And share their story with anyone who was watching the news that night.

On the first anniversary of her disappearance, I’d reported live from the Burger King where Amanda Berry was last seen. For years I’d see flyers with her face all over the near West Side of Cleveland and I’d wonder what had happened to her.

So when they were finally found and freed I so wanted to be with them and their families on this wonderful day and share in their joy.

Another story that I’d really wished I could have covered with the Chardon High School shooting.

It was such a terrible tragedy. And it needed to be reported sensitively and ethically. I watched my former colleagues at WKYC and WEWS report on that horrific day. Some of them even had children who were students at that school. It really was a personal tragedy for so many.

So, that’s why I have to go back to my journalism roots. It’s just part of who I am. Question everything. Believe nothing until you see the proof with your own eyes. And then share it with the world in a concise, truthful, ethical manner.

Thanks to CBS for letting me play radio for the past few years. I’ve learned much. And met some really awesome people along the way.

But now it’s time to let someone else join the crew.


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